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November 16, 2023

Since the launch of Green Space Miami in 2020, we have had the privilege of meeting and working with hundreds of Miami artists. Miami’s creatives and advocates have prompted dialogue on issues they are passionate about through exhibiting work, performances and conversations hosted at Green Space. 

An enduring theme dominating discourse in our community is home. The question of what home means. The definition of origin. The celebration of identity and ritual in Miami’s unique mix of communities that call this place home. In a Miami context the subject of home is also about change. The rate of Miami’s growth is unprecedented. While that brings increased opportunity for some, the cost of living, and the rate of demolishment and development, has made it impossible for artists and creatives to live and work here.

This year, Green Space Miami commissioned the artist Arsimmer McCoy to write a piece for the 2023 Open Call. Arsimmer’s written and spoken word titled ‘DISplace’ struck a chord amongst Miami’s artists and prompted an outpouring of proposals. This group show features 10 artists selected by the Green Space Miami advisory committee. Through their work, these artists explored the theme of displacement and the complexities of home, identity, and resilience in this dynamic city.

The concept of ‘DISplace’ is that we are a city of displaced people, and when our homes and the public spaces where communities have gathered for generations are at risk, displace takes on new meaning. The show also encompasses THIS place, works that celebrate the communities created by those seeking safe haven here, preserving their culture, evolving generation to generation, and thriving in this place called Miami. 

‘DISplace’ is the third year Green Space Miami Open Call. Originally conceived to benefit Miami artists during the pandemic lockdown, the search for space to exhibit awardees’ work led to the foundation of Green Space Miami. Green Space Miami is now a permanent community art space with a year-round program of exhibitions and events focused on supporting Miami’s artists. 

2023 Grantees
'DISplace': Open Call Prompt by the artist Arsimmer McCoy


Is a call to action 

on the plague of the DISfunctional, 



         and DISgusting 


         DIStributed across THIS city. 

         DISplace is a scream. 

DISplace is not another casual conversation about who’s right and who’s wrong. 

         THIS is ALL wrong. 

DISplace is a scream into the ears of the greedy. 

THIS is about the DISregard of human rights. 

DIS is about DIScrimination, 

environmental racism, 


        and revealing the DISloyalty of a system built to protect.

THIS is about Scott Projects. 

THIS is about NW 3RD AVE AND 62ND. 

THIS is about the GROVE. 

THIS is about Colored town to Overtown to NO MORE. 

THIS is about the walls put up in place of peace. 


THIS is about citywide DISaggregation       DISassociation 

                                                  and a venal state. 

THIS place is home to Bahamian descendents. 

THIS is the resting place of Tequesta bones. 

THIS place is safe haven to the immigrant 

                the asylum seekers

    the migrant 

    and the refugee 

This is a call to action 

Tell them WE ARE HERE

And we will not be DISMEMBERED, 


                              or DISCREDITED. 



WILL NOT BE                                   DISPLACED

By Arsimmer McCoy

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