Karla Kantorovich

Karla Kantorovich is a Mexican-born mixed media artist with Ukrainian heritage based in Miami, FL. Her artistic practice encompasses a diverse range of mediums, including paintings, textiles, hand-made paper, and assemblages. Emphasizing texture and dimensionality, Karla’s work explores the concept of renewal and the transformative power of nature. Through her art, Karla celebrates the profound connection between humanity and the natural world. Drawing inspiration from her roots, she weaves threads of cultural heritage into her creations, infusing her artwork with a unique and evocative perspective.

Deconstructing and reassembling sustainably sourced materials, Karla’s visual language speaks to the impermanence of life, the allure of decay, and the intricate layers that compose our shared narrative. Her artworks evoke a sense of togetherness, inviting viewers to reflect on their place within the greater ecosystem of life.

Kantorovich received the Ellies Creator Award 2021 from Oolite Arts, leading to her immersive art installation “AMATE” at Piero Atchugarry Gallery in 2022. She also received an Honorable Mention at the XIX Bienal Rufino Tamayo in Mexico City, exhibiting at the Museo Rufino Tamayo and the MACO Museum of Arte Contemporaneo in Oaxaca, Mexico. She has showcased her work nationally and internationally, including at the XIX International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, the MFA Exhibition at the Frost Art Museum, the Mexican Consulate in Miami, and the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach. 

Kantorovich holds a Master of Fine Arts from Florida International University. Actively engaging with the community is of utmost importance to her; she works as a teaching artist aiming to inspire, connect, and provoke meaningful dialogues, embodying the potential for regeneration and growth. As she continues to explore the delicate interplay between nature, culture, and identity, her art serves as a compelling testament to the possibility of change.

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