María Gabriela Chérrez

  • Date Of birth:    1981
  • Place Of Birth:    Ecuador
  • Year Awarded:    2023

Ecuador, 1981. Artist. She studied at the Institute of Arts of Ecuador and at  Universidad Casa Grande in Guayaquil, where she graduated with a  degree in Visual Arts concentration in Painting. She also pursued a  Master’s degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of  Barcelona.  She has worked in cultural management and art mediation. She worked as  a professor at the University of the Arts of Ecuador. She has exhibited in  several galleries across the country, including DPM, Casa de la Cultura  Guayaquil, Procesos in Cuenca, and Arte Actual in Quito. In 2010, she  participated in the collective exhibition “Pura Contaminación: reconexiones  visuales + imaginarios compartidos” at Ex culpable space in Lima. In 2011,  she was part of the exhibition “The Use of Everything: Contemporary  drawings from Guayaquil” at COCA Seattle, Washington. That same year,  she also participated in a collective exhibition at the Ccori Wasi Cultural  Center in Lima.  She won first place at the Salón de Julio in 2007 and the DPM grant in the  same year. In 2016, she received the Brazil Prize from the Contemporary  Art Center of Quito. In 2017, she held the solo exhibition “Cherry me dice  cosas que no quiero saber” for the 10th anniversary of the Salón de Julio  award. In 2018, she participated in the XIV Cuenca Biennial with the theme  “Living Structures. Art as a Plural Experience.” She was also part of the  curatorial team for the parallel exhibition to the XIV Cuenca Biennial, titled  “The Decline of Nature: Ecosystems and Landscapes in Current  Ecuadorian Art”. She currently lives and works in Miami.  

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