Dudley Alexis

  • Place Of Birth:    Haiti
  • Year Awarded:    2023

Dudley Alexis is an independent filmmaker, visual artist, cultural anthropologist, historian, and founder of Epyllion Studios based in Miami, Florida. Born in Haiti, Alexis immigrated to the United States during his teens. His journey as an immigrant would shape his unique perspective on the world.

Alexis’s mission is deeply rooted in uncovering hidden details that give meaning to the lives of those often overlooked. Through his lens, he captures the stories of individuals, revealing tales of tragedy and triumph, all while emphasizing their drive for dignity and equality in a world that frequently marginalizes them.

His artistic journey began in Miami, where he studied fine art in high school and college. Early in his career, he worked for Miccosukee Magazine, creating short documentaries that shed light on the First Nation Miccosukee Tribe of Florida and how it intersects with the everyday life of Miami residents. This experience laid the foundation for his subsequent work, including his first full-length documentary, ‘Liberty in a Soup,’ completed in 2016. The documentary explores the historical significance of Soup Joumou, the national dish of Haiti, commemorating the nation’s independence from France and its status as the first independent Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere. With ‘Liberty in a Soup, he earned him recognition from Haiti’s UNESCO Delegation for his participation in the “Soup Joumou” inscription as an intangible cultural heritage in 2021.

Shortly after completing ‘Liberty in a Soup,’ Alexis went on to examine the story of Arthur McDuffie, crafting ‘When Liberty Burns,’ an in-depth analysis of the 40th anniversary of McDuffie’s life and untimely death at the hands of Miami Dade police officers. This work earned Alexis recognition, including nominations at the Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards and the Knight Made in Miami Film Award.

Dudley’s commitment to his artistry goes beyond filmmaking. He’s also a visual artist whose work has been featured in multiple exhibitions, including a spotlight at the Pensacola Museum of Art.

Alexis continues to push boundaries and take risks in his pursuit of knowledge and new experiences. His seemingly endless curiosity and keen insight serve as catalysts for confronting difficult social issues and working towards societal parity and change.

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