Creole Archive Project: Poloné Nwa

Start Date
April 26, 2022

Dr. Jacek J. Kolasiński – Artist | Dr. M. Stephanie Chancy – Curator

A look into the intersection of history between the Polish and Haitian diaspora in the figures of the Polish Black Madonna of Częstochowa and Haitian Vodou’s Erzulie Danto. “Haiti and Poland’s historic entanglements are underscored since the works featured come from the evolving series Creole Archive Project, the creation of a creolized Polish-American artist,” said Dr. Stephanie Chancy.

Open from May 26th to August 18th, the research behind this exhibition focuses on the cultural linkages between Poland and Haiti. It’s part of a larger body of work called the Creole Archive Project, which has been in the works since 2015. Overall, the relevance of this study resides in bringing to light the Polish-Haitian entanglements that have been largely ignored in modern Polish identity narratives. This project uses a transnational perspective to destabilize established concepts of identity by investigating a sense of national belonging and putting current Polish sentiments toward race and ethnicity to the test.

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