Lyzbeth Lara & Prem Lorenzen

Founded by Prem Lorenzen and Lyzbeth Lara, Studio Line Between investigates the intersection of the natural and the surreal. Fusing Prem’s bioclimatic approach and Lyzbeth’s otherworldly references, the resulting interpretations run towards the idiosyncratic. Designs reflect a world we may have lived in: fantastical, yet grounded in simplicity. Projects are intelligent design, timeless construction, and crucially, environment-specific. The most intriguing references are found in local, culturally-specific methodology. As a multidisciplinary studio, Line Between works in design, architecture and film and collaborates with art + design professionals globally.

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    7200 Biscayne Boulevard,
    Unit 1 and Unit 2
    Miami, FL 33138
    (305) 751 – 8816

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