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Cornelius Tulloch is a Miami-based interdisciplinary artist and designer. With work transcending the barriers of photography, fine art, and architecture, Cornelius focuses on how creative mediums can be combined to tell powerful stories. Whether it is through photography or painting, cinematic moments and spatial complexity are depicted in his work. Lighting and color become characters in the art. His unique storytelling through his work has been shown in institutions like the Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., and the Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo, Rome, Italy.

From being recognized as 2016 Presidential Scholar in the Arts to having his work added to the permanent collection of the Studio Museum in Harlem, much of his success has come from the important discussions his work has created; which often are inspired by his cultural background. Being raised in Miami and gaining inspiration from his Jamaican and African American heritage, his work expresses how bodies exist between cultures, borders, and characteristics, to create spatial impact. Cornelius is an emerging talent that is reshaping the boundaries of art and space.

He has been recognized by the likes of the Black Artists + Designers Guild as a “Rising Star” award recipient, Cornell University as a Charles Memorial Sands Memorial Medal for an outstanding Thesis, and an Artist in Residence in the Everglades (AIRIE) 2022 Fellow.

This year, Tulloch opened a solo show, “Genesis”, at Laundromat Art Space, funded by his Oolite arts Ellies Creator Award. His solo show “Rhythmic Landscapes; Patterns of Identity” at Soho Beach House this summer was acknowledged for creatively blending an audio soundscape and artist mixtape with his photographs. In July he will open a boundary pushing solo show at Faena Art’s Project Room titled “Bougainvillea”. Tulloch is a talent who is defining his own path through discipline and medium-bending work.

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